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Sedation For Nervous Patients

Many people worry about having dental treatment and some are genuinely ‘phobic’. Our team will never judge a person because they haven’t visited a dentist in years or they have loose teeth etc. We care and understand that life events can prevent people from making that call, but the first step is addressing how to confront it and we always take our time and listen to your concerns.


In order to help nervous patients, we offer sedation. Sedation is a technique that provides patients with deep relaxation and controls anxiety. Patients are awake, able to speak, and are fully in control of what is happening but are not afraid.

Here at the Chigwell Dental Practice, we offer conscious IV Sedation using midazolam for adult patients.

Conscious sedation is commonly used in dentistry for patients who feel anxious and panicked during complex dental procedures. It is a very safe technique and patients are fully monitored using the latest technology whilst they are having treatment. Sedation is a good alternative to having a general anaesthetic.

Sedation can also be used for patients who are not necessarily anxious but helps with patients who have strong gag reflexes and are undergoing procedures such as extractions.

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