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Preventative Dentistry

Through keeping up with advancing dentistry we hope that our practice can provide our patients not only general dental maintenance but an opportunity to prevent decay and tooth loss by teaching and encouraging good oral hygiene and providing up to date treatments for gum disease and discovering tooth decay at its earliest stages.
When you visit the practice, our main aim is to help you maintain a healthy and attractive smile and we believe to do this it is better to prevent problems rather than have to treat them.

Dental Check-up

  • At examinations the dentist will carry out a thorough dental examination of your mouth, this allows them to detect decay, gum disease, and any other oral health conditions.
  • Fissure sealants are also advised as these can help prevent healthy teeth from becoming decayed.
  • We also encourage the use of inter-oral products to help keep gums and teeth strong such as water flossers, traditional flosses and interdental brushes.

Scale & Polish

The scale and polish are designed to give your teeth a thorough cleaning which is more effective than brushing alone. Not only will your teeth look cleaner but your whole mouth will feel cleaner, too.

  • The dentist/hygienist will be using something known as an ultrasonic scaler to remove the hardest tartar. This vibrates at a high speed to break up the hard substance on your teeth, your gumline and between your teeth in those hard-to-reach places. A jet of water will wash away any debris from this stage in the cleaning process.
  • The next step is the polish stage, this will restore your teeth to their natural sheen using a rotating brush and a professional toothpaste.


These treatments are carried out on patients that have a particular problem with their gums and need more in-depth visits.


This is used when patients experience sensitivity when eating and drinking cold items. We use a clear dental varnish which protects and seals the sensitive areas of your teeth.


We advise patients to wear a nightguard if they have the tendency to grind or clench their teeth at night. This helps to minimize any damage which could be caused to the jaw joint or teeth.

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