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Dental Hygienist

Hygienists offer a professional teeth cleaning service, a process called scaling and polishing. During the appointment your hygienist will carry out an initial dental hygiene examination. They will then:

  • Scale your teeth to remove any plaque or tartar build-up in those areas brushing cannot reach
  • Perform a clean and polish to remove any superficial stains on your teeth
  • Offer tailored advice on how to maintain good dental health and demonstrate techniques you can use at home

Your hygienist will also provide advice about diet and preventing tooth decay. They can spot signs of gum disease and will refer you to a dentist or periodontist if they see anything that needs further treatment.

Looking after your dentures

  1. On the whole, dentures are strong and hard-wearing and should last for many years. Have regular, yearly check-ups so that we can check the health of your gums
  2. Remove your dentures at night, unless otherwise directed, to give your gums a chance to rest
  3. Clean your dentures daily with a toothbrush or a special denture brush – don’t use toothpaste, denture cream is preferable
  4. When not wearing it store your denture in water or denture fluid. If a denture dries out it may go hard and change shape
  5. Rinse thoroughly before you put it back in
  6. Remember your gums and any remaining teeth still need brushing and cleaning twice a day as normal

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